Filed A Car Insurance Claim For A Cracked Windshield

I was driving on the interstate the other day, and I was behind a huge truck. A piece of rock flew off of it and hit my windshield. It caused a massive crack in it. I immediately called my insurance company to file a car insurance claim. I wanted to get it fixed and knew that my insurance should cover the damage.

They told me they have a company they work with that fixes windshields, and they come to you to fix it. They said they would pay them directly. So I went ahead and arranged an appointment to get it fixed while I was at work. Since I wasn’t using my car anyways while I was there, it wouldn’t cause an inconvenience to me.

They came and repaired it for me. They were there and gone before I even noticed. I did notice that my windshield was fixed though. I am glad I called the insurance company to see if it was covered. They made the repair process so easy and straightforward too. I didn’t even have to take my car anywhere to get it fixed, and I didn’t have to pay out of my pocket for it.

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