Can Diet Pills Cause Heartburn: The Truth about Heartburn

Most of the 70 million Americans experiencing heartburn often associate the condition with a heart problem. This common condition is triggered by food intake, causing digestive activity that emits acid upward through the esophagus, and thus pains in the chest area are experienced. It has nothing to do with cardiac concerns, as well as doesn’t pose significant health concern at all.

Heartburn also commonly occurs when people have had a large intake of fatty or acidic foods, excessive eating of chocolates and sweets, taking in medications like aspirin or drinking alcohol. Medical professionals have also attributed heartburn to change in hormones among pregnant women and prompted by stress and tension.

Those who experience it would notice an escalating burning sensation in the abdomen near the heart area, moving upward to the chest until it reaches the throat. The discomfort heartburn brings often go as far as the jaws, arms and the back portion of the body, and the uneasy sensation is even heightened if the person bends forward or lies down.

Doctors have explained that majority of the heartburn cases are classified as gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). It occurs when the acids and enzymes in the stomach fluids go past the sphincter. Pain is then felt when the movements take place because of the form and position of the sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus, and it’s pushed back by the activity of the fluids and gas.

Diet pills and others could make a difference

Many medicines, food supplements, and even diet pills have been identified to trigger heartburn as well. But as it is, heartburn is not just a simple indigestion problem or the stomach’s reaction to acid. In many instances, the antacids don’t give needed relief at all, mainly when the source of stomach ache is more complicated.

While there are pills that could alleviate the pain and discomfort coming with heartburn, most of the commonly used drugs are to blame for its onset. Here’s your guide in knowing which medications to watch out for:

Tricyclic antidepressants: The contents of these medicines are known to slow down digestive activities; hence, a huge potential for chest pain episodes. However, similar psychiatric drugs are on the works aimed at rendering little side effects on the gastrointestinal region.

Antibiotics: As effective as they come on fighting common bacterial infections, antibiotics such as tetracycline are known to trigger increased acid movement in the stomach.
Potassium and iron supplements: While they do normalize blood pressure, the potassium content often irritates esophagus lining that leads to heartburn. As for iron-laden pills, they spur red blood cell production and acid reflux.

Diet pills: For weight loss pills with Orlistat like Alli and Xenical, they render diet inconsistencies that induce imbalance in your stomach’s digestive functions.

So when you need to take medications for whatever ailment or purpose, it’s important to point out to your doctor the concern for avoiding the specific chest pains. This way, you’d be prescribed the most appropriate cure or palliative that would directly work while saving you the agony of heartburn.

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Can Diet Pills Cause Heartburn: The Truth about Heartburn

Most of the 70 million Americans experiencing heartburn often associate the condition with a heart problem. This common condition is triggered by food intake,...

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