What Is Cortisol?

If you’re among those people wanting more information about losing weight, you’d likely come across Cortisol. So you’d naturally want to know what it does to your body.

First and foremost, Cortisol is a natural hormone with great steroidal benefits to improving body systems’ functions. It is produced in the adrenalin gland and works with the immune system to regulate the body’s blood sugar content and flow, as well as aids the liver in the formation of glycogen essential for a healthy body. Also, the hormone lowers protein reserves to adequate levels and produces the fatty acids needed in metabolism. This hormone, then, has a tremendous impact on the physical well-being of people.

As it is, the fluctuation in Cortisol levels in humans is noticeable as it is directly related to stress. Doses of the hormones are released at extremely high levels when triggered by a person who is under stress, or is overworked, have emotional problems and don’t take relaxing breaks.

The next question about Cortisol then would be its direct contribution to weight loss. Many health professionals cite that high secretion of these stress hormones contribute to weight gain as they create more fatty cells. Further, the high levels prod release of more sugar into the blood, and if not helped, would sure put people under chronic stress and weight gain.

Despite its potential, many people still have stubborn problems in losing weight, particularly in the belly area. People have often wondered why, despite the consistent diet and efforts to reduce waistline seem futile. Often, Cortisol posed even more health issues in the long run. Here’s how things happen:

1. Diet and Cortisol don’t necessarily work well. The efforts one goes through in following a stringent diet plan causes stress, hence, increased levels of the hormones. Such a rise in secreted hormones causes the sugar level and fat deposits in the body’s middle region as well. The more diet forms are pushed, the more stress hormones are released, and thus, the vicious cycle of weight gain despite dieting takes place.

2. High Cortisol means bigger and wider belly area. With the fat content of the hormones mostly deposited in the abdominal area, it’s no wonder why stressed-out folks have bigger abdomens. But the risks don’t end there at all, as the overweight people around us have increased risks of developing heart ailments and diabetes as well.

3. The onset of adrenal dysfunctions. Apart from weight gain or the inability to shake off excess weight, Cortisol leads to weakening of the body’s immune system, degradation of muscles and bones, and bouts of psychological upsets such as depression and mood swings. People found with such high hormonal secretions are often physically and mentally fatigued.

To combat high possibilities of stress-induced increase in body mass, medical products are available in the market that acts as curative or palliative to problems related to metabolism. However, people must seek medical attention first as the doctors would have the most appropriate advice on weight problem and Cortisol.

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